The Brooklyn Book Festival was awesome.

First, I went with JUST my husband! No kids! As much as I love my kids, it's great to just go out on a date with my spouse without having to pack sippy cups, snacks, a change of clothes for the one who just recently started using the toilet etc. All parents feel this way. If they tell you they don't, they're either lying orthey're subhuman. It's great to feel like a big person once in a while. A crazy, sexy, cool motorcycle-riding, book lovin', big person.

Anywho, so we took the Harley, of course. It was a beautiful day for a ride-clear skies, warm sun and a slight cool breeze. I have nice racoon eyes from my sun glasses ;) We rode to Brooklyn and went through some really cute little neighborhoods. I am really surprised at how nice parts of BK are becomming. It felt like riding through the Hamptons or the upper west side of Manhattan. Trendy vintage boutiques, cofee houses on every corner with people busilly typing away at their laptops. Just a general cozy, city atmosphere. I decided today, that I would actually LOVE to give up my three story semi-attached town house with a tiny back yard and move into Red Hook Brooklyn. And that's a big shocker, even to myself. Redhook used to be so bad, cops didn't go there. Mafia used it as a dumping ground... and now? Now it's a great up and coming neighborhood. You can't even find a studio apartment for under a grand. So, IF i ever get published and my book launches me into fame and fortune (*laugh*) Hubbski and I will find us a nice three bedroom flat in RedHook.

Moving on. The Book Festival was not really what I expected. Not certain what I was thinking it would be, exactly, but I can tell you, it wasn't that. It was better. There was a plethora of book sellers (love that word...plethora) and quite a few great speakers at the Youth Stoop. We pretty much spent the entire day in that little corner, except for when we ran off to get a coffee.

I met (however breifly, it was amazing):
Laurie Halse Anderson ,Wintergirls (left)
Gayle Forman, If I stay (right)

And now a more sane picture

Aimee Friedman, Sea Change (right)
Anna Godberson, The Luxe series (left)

And all four of the women were wonderful. Great speakers. They inspired and motivated me today. AND they each autographed a copy of their books :) WOOT!

So, this was my score for the afternoon. The stack of books in front, not the mess behind it. I know, I know. I seriously need a better bookshelf.

and some more pictures :)

You should definately check out these ladies. Their books are great.
The End.


Jessica Kennedy said...

Glad you had a great time! And way to take the hubby! :)

Great score on the books! I haven't finished The Luxe series. I think I'm two books in? I dunno.

Evernight was good. Like I said on Twitter/Facebook it's confusing in the beginning but better at the end. Stargazer was very good in my opinion.

I have Wintergirls. Haven't read it yet.

Eric said...

Sounds like a great time. Just because I'm a motorcyle rider myself, I say you should post a pic of your bike as well. I know everyone might not get as big a kick out of it as I do, but anyway :) I'm also jealous because I don't have my Harley yet - only a used Suzuki. Someday though...

Anonymous said...

I love the city! can't wait till I move out there. =]

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