I saw a UFO!

And I completely forgot to mention it! I know what you're thinking, I've lost my marbles, but seriously, it was unlike anything I've ever seen.

Friday night, I put my tiny one to bed at 7:30 and joined my husband on the front porch.
The sky was clear. In New York, often times we get so much light reflecting off the atmosphere, we can't see the stars, but that night there were shining bright. We have a few major airports, so it's nothing to see as many as three or four planes at the same time flying overhead.

We're sitting there, watching the neighbors cat who has adopted our yard as his own stalk a mouse. Aman walks by with his daughter and she points to something in the sky. My eyes follow it.

There, high above the rooftops, is a light. Now, at first, my husband and I both think, it's a helicopter shining down a spot lamp. But it's too far to see anything. The funnel of light cuts off well above the rooftops. It's very, very high. And there is no sound.

No planes fly by. We stare at the triangle of white light. Starring. Starring. And then, it's gone. There is no sound and nothing in the sky, except the faintest trace of light. Then it just fades out completely. Nothing there.

It was crazy! I had no words for it! It was probably some Government thing, who knows, but it was eerie and awesome! We tried to take a picture on hubby's iphone but it was too dark out :(


Tabitha Bird said...

Wow, I love stuff like that. I wonder what is was...

Valerie Wangnet said...

Haha lucky you


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