Eighth Grade Bites

Eighth Grade Bites
The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (Book 1)
By Heather Brewer

  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 182 pages
  • Publisher: Dutton Juvenile (August 16, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0525478116
  • ISBN-13: 978-0525478119

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Product Description
Junior high really sucks for thirteen-year-old Vladimir Tod. Bullies harass him, the principal is dogging him, and the girl he likes prefers his best friend. Oh, and Vlad has a secret: his mother was human, but his father was a vampire. With no idea of the extent of his powers, Vlad struggles daily with his blood cravings and his enlarged fangs. When a substitute teacher begins to question him a little too closely, Vlad worries that his cover is about to be blown. But then he faces a much bigger problem: he’s being hunted by a vampire killer.

I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. Not to imply I thought it would be terrible, I just assumed it was for much younger readers. Having an 8th grade boy for the main character did not seem like something that would interest me, but I was wrong.

Brewer explores the modern teen vampire in a way I haven't seen yet. With his blood capsules hidden in his pb&j sandwiches and his "tea" and cookies, Vladimir Tod is a fun, believable character. I've added NINTH GRADE SLAYS to my wish list for my next trip to the bookstore.
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