A Cockroach Can Live 9 Days Without Its Head.

True facts.

You will be happy to know that there have been no evil baby bug sightings since the garage rag incident. Or maybe you aren't happy to know that. Maybe you wanted me to find evil baby bugs. What kind of person are you?!

So. In case you've missed it, my critique partner, Valerie Kemp, is hosting part 2 of her Back from Branson giveaway. Up for grabs--your choice of one of 17 books by some of the authors who attended the Branson Retreat.

Sometimes Your Characters Outsmart You

You've all seen those cheap horror films with the busty blonde babysitter, right? You know the one where she hears strange noises in the attic that can only be an evil killer-zombie-ghost with fangs? And she grabs a flashlight, because the electricity suddenly went out, and she climbs the stairs to investigate, armed with nothing but her um...wit.

***I tried to draw a cartoon here, but the girl looked like she had two watermelons stuck in her throat and a spaghetti noodle where an arm might be. I am not an artist.***

It might "work" in those movies, but it doesn't work in your book. Unless that's the kind of story you're writing. In that case, just turn away now.

Your character needs to have brains to make your story interesting and believable. When revising one of my manuscripts, I kept bumping up against this wall, trying to make my MC do something that she really didn't want to do. Something she would never do, because she's witty and clever, and what I was trying to force her into was stupid.

If you're trying to force your MC to put out a fire with a garden hose, instead of calling the fire department, she better have a darn good reason for it. If she doesn't, you might need to try a different approach.

Happy revising!

Evil bug sack! And a TF Short

Ok, so I cleaned my garage yesterday, because the weather is FINALLY looking spring-ish, and I found this bag full of micro-fiber cloths that Husband uses to clean his motorcycle, the car, etc. I brought them in and threw them in the wash. Today I take them out of the washer--I know I should've done it yesterday, thanks, Mom--and guess what I found in the washer?

One of those roach egg-sac things!!!!! So I am completely skeeved-out now. I cleaned out the washer and flushed the evil baby bugs down the toilet, washed my hands a few times and ran the washer with nothing in it, just to be sure. Ugh. How gross is that?

Anyway, spring is in the air! But before you leave February in the garden soil, go check out the final tangled installment of HART'S RIDGE over at the Tangled Fiction blog! http://community.livejournal.com/tangledfiction/14468.html

Fiction and furry things

I know I've been MIA from here for a while, but things should start to settle down soon. Dec/Jan are always crazy months for me.

This past week was individual short week at Tangled Fiction. Each of us posted an un-tangled  full short. Stop on over to check those out! :D

Also, I got this for my birthday:

 For this:
 And this:

And their serious cuteness has taken a lot of my attention. :-)

They're names are Poe (after Edgar Allan) and Dowell (after Alexander Beliaev's sci-fi novel, Professor Dowell's head--one of Husband's favorite novels.) they're brothers from a litter born on Christmas and they are cute, and furry, and they are mine. :D
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