Book Expo America, 2010!

Book Expo is over and like most attendees, I'm exhausted. After the children's book author breakfast, Valerie (valeriekwrites) and I met up with Jess from and together we toured the Javits center.

Last year the children's and YA books were all on the lower level and the adult books were up above. This year, the whole darn thing was crammed onto one floor. It was crowded and the booths we were most interested in were spaced pretty far apart, but all in all I think I liked it this way. Had they been on two separate floors we would have missed RICK SPRINGFIELD!

*cue song: Jessie's Girl*

Rick has a memoir coming out titled LATE, LATE AT NIGHT.

The breakfast, a plain bagel and a cup of coffee, was great! Not only was there a stack of hardcover books on our chairs, but the musical group 4 Troops performed on stage!

Cory Doctorow, Mitali Perkins and Richard Peck were all there to speak about their lives, their writing and what inspired them to write the books they've written. Cory teared up a few times talking about how his book, LITTLE BROTHER, has inspired a whole underground movement with kids in Burma! The whole thing was very inspiring. Makes me want to reexamine my life and write something to save the world! All three of them were simply amazing. And Sarah Ferguson--Duchess of York-- (yes, that one) was a great host.

We met some of our favorite book bloggers! Like Kristi from, Sherry from and Mary Bradley from, who happens to live just a few miles from me!

We had the pleasure of meeting some of our favorite authors and fellow writers as well. And we snagged some highly anticipated new releases and ARC's of some of the hottest books yet to come!

On to the pictures!

The breakfast room

Left to right: Cory Doctorow, Mitali Perkins, Richard Peck

4 Troops!

Sarah Ferguson

Valerie about to enjoy a bagel and a cup of coffee

Valerie and Jess

Vordak and Valerie (I have one of me with him also, but I don't care for it much.)

The Harlequin booth

Gena Showalter signing INTERTWINED.

Earl Sewell signing DECISION TIME.

Valerie on the 4th floor.

Me, 4th floor


Elizabeth Scott--THE UNWRITTEN RULE-- and I

The Story Siren

Heidi Kling--SEA-- and I

Heidi's awesome autographed shoes!

Valerie fangirling over Lauren Oliver--BEFORE I FALL and DELIRIUM

john Cusick, not to be confused with Cusack, signing GIRL PARTS

Richelle Mead (I'm fangirling off camera) signing SPIRIT BOUND


Lauren Kate signing TORMENT

Valerie and Inara Scott signing THE CANDIDATES

Johnathan Maberry signing ROT AND RUN

Anna Godbersen, who has the same publicist as Lauren oliver (she's there on the right) signing SPLENDOR and samples of her new book, BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS

Kody Keplinger signing THE DUFF

Bree Despain signing THE DARK DIVINE

Melissa Marr signing RADIANT SHADOWS

At the end of the day, I came home with about 50 books/ARCS, many of them signed! Well worth the entry fee. If you ever get the chance to go, you should!

The books! Plus swag and publisher catalogs!

Congrats, Elana!!

If you're in the YA writing community, chances are you're familiar with the fabulous Elana Johnson.

Elana blogs regularly and she's done countless good deeds for aspiring writers. Hop on over to her blog: and congratulate Elana because HER BOOK SOLD!!!!!

And while you're there, grab a copy of her e-book From The Query to the Call. You won't be sorry.

When you find your voice.

Every writer's journey is different but along the way we all experience the same things to some degree or another: The first love of a new project, the daunting revisions, the rejections...

The newest thing for me is feeling like I've really found my voice. I've written more than one full length novel and I love them all, even the shorts, but the newest one I've been working on is really me. It's still pretty new, so maybe that will fade when I'm on revision #500, but it's such a GREAT feeling! It's refreshing.

Have you found that one perfect story that just fits you? If not, think about your favorite book or the book/author that most inspired you to write. Don't try to imitate that voice but look to them for inspiration. Sometime along the way writing can feel like a mega shot in the dark. You've got a million story ideas floating around up there and it's hit or miss trying to find the right one for you to write right now.

Sometimes you've just got to clear your mind and go back to the beginning. Back to that moment when you said, I want to be a writer and taking with you all the things you've learned along the way. Go back to that initial inspiration with the know-how to make it happen!

Update + In My Mailbox

Popping in here for a quick update (excuse). I have been super busy this month--lots of family stuff that would bore you to tears--and my blog is being neglected. Just want you all to know that I haven't disappeared.

Book Expo is next week!! *Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!* If you're going, feel free to say hi if you bump into me! I'm not one of those people who actually plans what they'll wear, so I can't tell you what to look for, but I will be with one of my fabulous critique partners, Valerie, and Valerie is so fabulous I'm sure you can spot her in a crowd. We'll be in line for quite a few YA book signings and afterward we'll be at the Houndstooth for dinner and then for Kid Lit drinks, so if you're attending either of those, we'll see you there!

This week's IMM:
This week I received an audio book of ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER! I won this one from I Heart Monster. Thanks, gals!


My crit partner Valerie is offering up a screenplay critique! Not only is she an incredible YA writer, she's also an Indie film maker! Go bid! All proceeds go to Nashville flood relief.

Do the Write Thing for Nashville

In case you haven't heard, Tennessee was hit with major flooding. Nashville is under water. More than half of Tennessee's 95 counties has been marked as disaster area.

Taylor Swift has donated $500,000 to flood relief! As if we needed more reasons to adore her. Do your part if you can and bid on some amazing prizes over at
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