I'm Not Dead

Hey, folks. Quick update to let you all know I haven't fallen deathly ill. I am very much alive! Changes are coming my way, and the preparation has taken up all of my internet time. But soon, I will be back in the saddle and blessing you all with my nonsense.

Until then.

It's A New year!

2012 started nice and cold here in NYC! But aside from that, I think it's going to be a great year. My crit partner, Kristi Helvig, is kicking us off over at Sisters in Scribe with the story of how she got her agent, and a few contest/giveaways, we're back at Tangled Fiction with all new stories, and I am cranking on my newest round of edits on my manuscript!

I'm not a big fan of resolutions, but goal setting is great. My main goal for this year is to sell this big sexy manuscript to the perfect editor. Someone who loves my characters just as much as my agent and I do. How about you? Big plans? Or do you like to take the baby steps?

Here's to a great new year!
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