Hi! My name is Lacey and I am a young adult fiction writer who likes big animals, has a passion for all things vintage, and loves Elvis Presley more than chocolate.

My short fiction, PARALLEL, was published in the UK by Rebel Books. It can be found in REBEL MOON: An Anthology of Supernatural Tales and purchased via the publishers website, amazon, and a number of other online retailers.

You can find a writing/book related post by me every Thursday at Sisters in Scribe, a blog I share with YA writers Valerie Kemp and Kristi Helvig. Once a week (rotating schedule) I contribute short fiction to the Tangled Fiction blog, shared with YA writers Natalie C Parker and Valerie Kemp!

When I'm not holed-up in my purple writing room, I'm hanging out with my two tiny humans, motorcycling with Husband, or watching my fish (Hagrid the featherfin catfish is my favorite, but don't tell the neons).

Thanks for stopping by!

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