The Hog

For Eric. There is nothing wrong with a Suzuki, my friend. I am seriously considering getting a Kawasaki Drifter. It's an Indian (my favorite bike) clone, but it's cheaper and easier to get parts for. Anywho, this is it. Harley Davidson Fatboy. It's a '91, but we've done a lot to it to get it this pretty.

This was it when we bought it

This is the most recent shot I have, but it's since had a set of spot lamps (two side head lights like on the heritage softail) added to it.

Edit: Here is a recent front shot
Yes, that's my kid.


Eric said...

That is one beautiful ride. I'll post pics of mine in a little while. I'm waiting to have my seats re-upholstered since hail trashed them out. Yes, I stupidly left it outside. The good thing is, I will have brand new seats on the 25th. I've even decided to dress them up a bit with some flame stitching. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I'm quite envious :)

Anonymous said...

cool. my dad wanted one but we said no, that's lame. =]

L.J. Boldyrev said...

Lol! They aren't LAME!

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