First Ever Virtual Book Signing!

Last night the gang from Medallion Press held their first online book signing with author/film maker Greg Lamberson (Johnny Gruesome, Personal Demons). The signing was an attendance limited event that I was fortunate enough to attend while sitting on my couch in my pj's. Each attendee was given a free autographed copy of Greg's newest book PERSONAL DEMONS available October 1st.

The signing was a lot of fun. The clarity of the video feed was exceptional and each attendee got a few minutes personal time with Greg, via telephone, web cam or chat. I chose the latter, although I had unwittingly broadcast ten minutes of my web cam at the start of the signing! (Thank gosh I didn't pick a booger or something!)

I read Johnny Gruesome, as some of you remember I posted a short review on it. Greg talked a little about the inspiration behind Johnny Gruesome (his home town) and he spoke a little about the setting of Personal Demons in New York City. Greg also let us in on another novel in the works (psssst! it has werewolves in it!)!

Greg is a great guy and a kick ass horror writer. If you need a little horror, he's the man to turn too. Check him out and also be sure to browse Medallion Press's other books. I've got quite a few of their thrillers and a romance or two. All great books! They only print adult, so there's nothing there for kids or teens, but they do have a lot of great books.

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A. J. Spindle said...

Ha ha! You had the webcam on? lol

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