It's Fate

I listen to a certain 50's rockabilly singing in my car on satellite radio (once went for 20 hours without changing the channel). This singer is the inspiration for the book I'm going to write for NaNoWriMo. Yesterday, I'm driving to the supermarket, listening to my guy on the radio and thinking about this book project. Mindlessly, I trek across the parking lot and note the no less than six idiots who drive the wrong way down the one way lanes, and into the store. I walk straight to the coffee beans, which happen to be placed beneath a speaker. Playing on that speaker, is the same rockabilly 50's singer! (Not the same song because the grocery store doesn't use satellite radio, but yeah!) That almost never happens. I have decided, that it is fate and this book must be written.

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Anonymous said...

I like listening to all kinds of music, including some fifties. I understand where you're coming from!

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