Rebel Books Halloween Sale!

Right now, if you buy a copy of REBEL MOON (includes a werewolf short by me) you'll get MISERABLE MIDDLES for 5.99 British Pounds (converts to about $9 USD). This offer is available only through
twitter and facebook, not on the website, so for more details, you need to send an email to RebelBooks at hotmail dot com with the subject "Happy Halloween"! If you happen to get a copy of Rebel Moon, I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you!

(An Anthology of supernatural tales)
by Various

Have you ever wondered what Death would look like if he approached you at a bus stop? Or what would happen if a vampire’s chosen victim turned out to be more than they had bargained for?

Rebel Moon is a collection of stories that will whisk you into worlds of vampires, werewolves and witchcraft so prepare yourself for a bumpy ride as sometimes the dead have more of a life than the living and if this book teaches you anything it is to always expect the unexpected!

From the teen witches you wouldn’t want to cross in One Witch Down to the dark comedy of Evil 101, this is a book you won’t want to put down.

by Phoebe Penhalligan and Boo Irwin.
Illustrations by Karen Hurd.
A collection of tales from the Underworld Kingdom including "A Miserable Middle", "The Bloody Ballad", "The Petrified Prince" and others inspired by the recent debate over unhappy endings in children's fiction. The beautiful cover illustration has been designed by Karen Hurd. This collection of tales may sometimes have a miserable middle but they all end happily, well kind of!

(Excerpt from "A Bloody Ballad")

"Saxo Douglas walked into the room keeping his eyes on the floor. He was tall and thin with long black hair and a snub nose. He was not a musician by trade and this was his first audition. As he took his place before the King and Queen he raised his eyes and so visible was his suffering that the Queen removed her earplugs for the first time that day. He had not yet uttered a word and yet she could feel his pain as if it were her own. The King however was only interested in blood and gore, he liked a bloody ballad or a song of suffering, but as far as he was concerned love was not for songs it was for poetry, and poetry was definitely not one of his favourite things.

"What will you be singing about today?" ventured the King warily.

"Love." Saxo replied simply. "I will sing about a love so powerful that it was more important than all the riches in the world!"

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