Tangled Fiction Tuesdays!

Brand new story started by Valerie at the TF blog!


A little preview of UNCHARTED (Part I)

There was no way to untangle what was left of Mason from the tree, but the rest of us crawled out the back of the van to where we stood now, trapped between a dense forest and a sheer rock wall, hundreds of feet below the road. So far down that I couldn’t even make out the edge of the cliff in the dark. A grim thought sent a chill down my spine. Mason was the first to die, but he might not be the last.


Cleverly Inked said...

That was good, I wish I had time to head over.

L.J. Boldyrev said...

Aww, don't worry. It's not going anywhere. Lol! Each story is told in 4 parts and we don't delete anything. There are 4 of us working on one story, without doing any behind the scenes collaborating. Just trying to match the tone and voice and take the story any which way. It's fun!

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