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Stina, over at, recently unloaded her hoard of blog awards and passed them along to a number of different blogs, mine included. There's a ton, lol, but I picked the one I thought was cutest. The Versatile Blog Award! For this one I have to list 7 things about myself. Here goes:

  1. I love dogs, the bigger the better.
  2. My dream (aside from being a YA author) is to open a Bed and Breakfast with my husband.
  3. My favorite colors are red and purple
  4. My favorite candy is Good & Plenty
  5. Charlie, the MC in my novel GREYSKIN, is a lot like me when I was sixteen.
  6. I like to eat the white part of the watermelon rind.
  7. I love to ride horses.
And there you have it. Seven totally random facts about me! Passing this award on to:

Valerie at because she's an awesome crit partner, talented writer (of books and films) and because her blog is super fun and helpful.
Kristi and Christi at Kristi, because she is an awesome crit partner and talented writer, and because she and Christi have a unique book review blog!
Angela at because who doesn't love the emotion, setting, and color thesaurus? And zombies.
Liz at because I love her book reviews and because the blog award sort of matches her blog.
A.J. Spindle at because she's my bff and her blog (and her writing) rocks.


Cleverly Inked said...

LOL Yea it does match :D Thank You!

Kristi Helvig said...

Awww, thanks Lacey!You're an awesome crit partner too. :)

Julie Musil said...

I've never heard of someone liking the white rind on the watermelon. That's funny!

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