Freedom Run 2009!

Husband and I went on the Freedom Run 2009(he rode....I drove to the spot where the ride ended with our daughters).  The ride was semi-police escorted, they left the last 400 or so bikers with no escorts, from NJ down West Side highway past ground zero in Manhattan and up to Liberty State Park in Jersey City where the ride ended.

The ride raised donations for the Wounded Warrior Project and was to commemorate those who died in 9-11-2001 and serving our country.  

And teh girls got their faces painted. Two dollars from each went to the WWP.

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Brinda Ravi said...

Hi love the pictures!! Your daughters are very cute!!

BTW I have a new piece up. I have to admit it's not nearly good as those written by Valerie, who's my friend, but I worked very hard on it. Hope you like it!!

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