Cradle Fables!

Noticing the lack of entertaining books for your toddler?  Want more imaginative stimulation then the red apple?  Come check out Cradle Fables! A New Independant Publisher of quality books for toddlers and preschoolers!

(I know, I should totally work in advertising, right? But seriously, the site is very cute and I love the idea behind it.)

Who They Are: Taken from

Cradle Fables Publishing is a new, independent publisher of children’s picture books.

We are different to other publishing companies, in that our focus is specifically on picture books that are designed to encourage the creative development of under 5’s.

We don’t publish educational books, as the market is already flooded with great books that help toddlers learn numbers, colours and all sorts of interesting things about the world around them.

Our focus is strictly on the under-5 market, because we believe there is already a wide variety of fantastic picture books available for older children. However, we find there to be a definite shortage in the market for simple storytelling that introduces toddlers to the wonderful world of books and sets their imaginations alight.

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