New Character!

I was thinking, the last time I went over my manuscript, that it's just too darn depressing.  I wondered, maybe I should make it an adult novel instead?  But I felt like it would losesome of  its magic.  Sooo my only other option is to buckle down, work harder and change the ending.  Again.  I did and the result made me

I LOVE it.  It still doesn't end underneath a rainbow with the Germans and the Jews holding hands, but at least some peace is found for the heroine.  I won't give anything away because I know my #1 fan, A.J. Spindle would kick my butt (AIM style!) and eat my fun dip if I ruined it for her.  So that is all I'm sayin'!

I added a new-ish character to give it a surprise ending Mwahahahahaha!  and he is so incredibly cool,  I have decided to definitely write a second book.  I need to interrogate him and find out what makes him tick.  I've scheduled an interview with him for this evening.  Hopefully he'll show up....the sly little devil.  He has a few issues he's working on that can sometimes keep him from his obligations. 


A. J. Spindle said...

Ha ha, yeah, I might eat your fun dip! :) I can't wait to read it tho!!

-LJ's #1 fan!

Brinda Ravi said...

Wow I can't believe you write novels! I would write to write a fantasy novel but I'm just not that good. But I do write short stories. It would mean so much to me if you could offer some feedback to my pieces, whether positive or negative. Thank you.

Jessica Kennedy said...

Sounds very cool! :)

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