Bikers With Dolls

I may or may not have mentioned that my husband and I ride. We also belong to a local riding club, formerly a HOG chapter that was forced to disband when our local dealership closed. The club has always done a toy run every year where each rider brings a donation of one new, unwrapped toy, and we ride together (with biker Santa and Mrs. Biker Clause--also club members) to a daycare center in an under privileged neighborhood where Santa meets the kids and gives everyone a toy. Afterward, we go party and listen to live music, but that's not the important part. OR the fun part.

Lots of bikers made lots of children happy, and not just on this day with our club and those who came out to support the event. I didn't take any of these pictures, so I am totally stealing them from the guys who did, but I just have to share. It was such an awesome day. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Biker Santa (also known as Bob)

I am somewhere to Santa's right (left side of the pic) in this one. See how many bikers showed up? :D And the NYPD escorted us all safely to the daycare. Thanks, NYPD!

That's only about half of the donated toys.

The girls and I taking names and toys. I am in the back, middle, and that cute lil reindeer up front is mine.

Our amazing escorts! If I get ticketed for going through all those red lights, I'm coming to them...

Some of the kids and families that came to see Santa!

And there is a few hundred more, but I'll stop here. HUGE thanks to all the riders who came out, to Santa Bob and his wife for being so awesome, and for the NYPD for keeping the NYC traffic at bay for hundreds of motorcycles. And thanks to you for looking!

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