New Love

"It is worth mentioning, for future reference, that the creative power which bubbles so pleasantly in beginning a new book quiets down after a time, and one goes on more steadily. Doubts creep in. Then one becomes resigned. Determination not to give in and the sense of an impending shape keep one at it more than anything."

~Virginia Woolf

I have new WIP love! Yay! I haven't abandoned FATED, but I have put ROCKABILLY ROMANCE on the back burner for now because I just can't decide where that story should start.

FATED is going to be sent to my crit partners, the Sisters in Scribe, in May. I'll finish up final polishing after I get their notes on that and probably start to query it to agents. But I'm a realistic person when it comes to the business end of writing. I know the chances of that story making it out there right now are very slim. It's got two critters in it that are seriously not wanted by anyone right now. Yes, the story is very unique and it has a lot of other things going for it, but you mention the "V" word and agents and publishers flee.

So I'll send FATED out to a few agents I think might like it, maybe. And see what happens. But I won't get discouraged if it's rejected by everyone I query. New project, on the other hand, I have hopes for! I've already written a rough draft of a query and in just three days, I've written almost 8k words on a first draft. Not bad, if I do say so myself. And I do. I just did.


Vampires and Tofu said...

Keep at it!
We still love vamps =)

L.J. Boldyrev said...

Thanks! I still love them too. Hopefully my vampire story finds it's place someday. :)

Angela said...

It's always an exciting time when you're working on something new. Good luck!!

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