BEA and Class of 2010 Authors!

Got this lovely email from YA Author, Shannon Delany (13 TO LIFE), and I wanted to pass the information along.

Greetings book bloggers and Class of 2k10 members!

We have about 20 book bloggers currently interested in talking to members of the Class of 2k10 and, speaking for my classmates—we’re excited to chat with each and every one of you!

I'm sending these emails out in shifts (so my account doesn't totally freak out) so if you want to spread the word that's awesome but some bloggers won't get this until tomorrow.

Shari Maurer and Denise Jaden have been absolutely amazing getting things organized for the Class! At this moment the Class schedule looks like this (things with ** are possibilities I want your input on, folks).

Monday, May 24:

Some of our authors will be attending the Teen Author Carnival (list is still officially TBA)

Tuesday, May 25:

**Meet Shannon Delany & other assorted Class of 2k10 members at BEA between 10 am-12 pm at a table in the Javitts Center (precise location TBA)

**12:30 pm – Shannon Delany & any other bold adventurers will catch a subway and head to Central Park for photos and fun at the Alice in Wonderland statue and the John Lennon “Imagine” mosaic. Want to do a walking interview or something that’s photo-heavy for your blog? This might be fun for you to tag along on! Will there be a stop for coffee along the way? Possibly. And depending on timing and weather we may also hit Times Square.

Signing at Books of Wonder 6-8pm (some Class members will have books available, some will have swag and some will have chapbooks).

Wednesday, May 26:

Appearances at NYPL (10am-12pm) including:
Jame Richards (Three Rivers Rising), Janet Fox (Faithful), Jeri Smith-Ready (Shade), Swati Avasthi (Split), Bonnie Doerr (Island Sting), Irene Latham (Leaving Gee’s Bend), Alexandra Diaz (Of All the Stupid Things)

Book signing at The Voracious Reader in Larchmont, NY (4pm)

Thurs, May 27:

**10am-11:30 am Shannon will again be staking out a spot at BEA for herself and other members of Class of 2k10 to meet and chat with bloggers.

**12pm If you haven’t gotten to Times Square yet (and want to) Shannon will probably be headed that direction. But it’ll be a quick trip since Shannon’s gotta be at NYPL at 3!

Appearances at NYPL (3-5pm) including:
Leah Cypess (Mistwood), Shannon Delany (13 to Life), Judith Graves (Under My Skin), Kitty Keswick (Freaksville), Shari Maurer (Change of Heart), Denise Jaden (Losing Faith), Rhonda Hayter (The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams).

IF these times won’t work for you, let me know ASAP
and I’ll see what I can do to reconfigure stuff. I want as many bloggers to get a chance to chat with the Class of 2k10 as possible, so hit me with your ideas! I’m not big on being cooped up inside, so when there’s a chance to get out and see the sites, I try to—and I generally don’t mind folks tagging along, either.

Next week I'll send out a handy-dandy attachment that includes the authors attending, their books, sites, etc and the bloggers attending, your blogs, etc. so everyone can become a little better acquainted.

Looking forward to your input (and meeting you all in person at BEA)!



Valerie Kemp said...

Ack! I should've com on Monday after all! :(

Shannon Delany said...

Lacey, thanks for sharing the info--I hope we get to meet and chat with everyone who is interested in meeting Class members!

Valerie, there will be lots of stuff going on regardless of what day you show up (and our Class schedule is still firming up and changing as bloggers make requests and travel plans get tweaked). Lacey already mentioned wanting to meet up on Wednesday, so I'm looking at that as a possibility, too.

BEA's going to be a blast!

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