Happy Valentine's Day!

Wanted to wish everyone a happy Valentine's day, and I hope you get the chance to spend it with someone special. My husband is across the ocean on a business trip, but I've got my kids and my books, and of course you all to keep me company.

In honor of the day, I am going to share a brief story of how I met my husband.

We met when I was 16, he was 31 (yes, he's old--I know this) on the internet. Not any of those dating sites, not that I have anything against people who use them, but on a multi-player video game. Counter-strike, for the geeks out there. We belonged to "clans" that played tournaments against each other.

This is embarrassing to admit to, by the way.

Anywho, we weren't "talking" or attempting to hook-up or any of that. We were just casual friends who occasionally talked about the game. Absolutely NOTHING romantic passed between us. Four years later(I was 20 years old), some of my nerd friends threw a birthday party for me in Raleigh, NC. We all took our computers and set up and played, and partied (see, something not totally dorky)the entire weekend.

Husband was there, even though he didn't know it was my birthday, nor did he really know who I was. He came because a mutual friend of ours came. Husband drove all the way from NY to be there. I walked in the door, he shook my hand and said his name, and I was his.

We were married 3 months after that. Been insanely happy for almost 5 years.

A LOT of tiny little things contributed to our meeting and falling in love. Crazy how that works sometimes.

What's your story?

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Jessica Kennedy said...

How awesome!

That's too funny that CS brought you two together! And now you don't play anymore. That's kinda sad! :(

Hubby and I meet at a sporting club where he was a life guard. But I had actually set eyes on him the year before in his home room one morning. I didn't stop pursuing him until I had him all the way. :)

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