February 1st marks the start of Grapemo! The purpose of Grapemo, started by Jeannine at (go there if you want to participate) is to set a goal, and keep it.

My 2010 Grapemo goal-- Finish a final draft of WIP #3.
And hopefully give it a title. I'm starting Grapemo with close to 10k words in the bank, and I am hoping to get 40k more. But word count really isn't what matters. Telling the story does. Here's a teaser:

So what do you do when your best friend is in love with you, and you might be falling for the strangest, possibly most dangerous boy you’ve ever met? You eat a crap-load of chocolate, binge on coffee for a week, and avoid both parties. At. All. Costs.

What's your Grapemo goal?


Valerie said...

Oh, cool, I haven't heard of Grapemo! I was planning on making February Focus February and getting back on track with my revisions.

Your WIP #3 sounds fun! I really want to write something new this month but I think I need to focus on finishing what I started! Plus my shiny new idea requires A LOT of research which I just don't have the time for. Good luck with Grapemo!

L.J. Boldyrev said...

Thanks, Valerie. I've had this one started for a while now, but I've been so busy working on FATED that I forgot about it. Figured I might as well work out a rough draft while I wait to hear back from the group :)

I haven't given it a title. Everything I come up with sounds Harlequin.

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