When we're growing up, especially through the teen years, our parents have this uncanny ability to embarrass us. Be it with nicknames they shout out at your basketball games to get your attention from the free throw line, or dropping you off directly out front of your school in the rusted-out jalopy that was once known as a "shaggin' wagon", parents just know how to ignite your cheeks and make your little rabbit heart skip an embarrassed beat.

As you get older, and I know nobody really wants to hear this, you'll appreciate those little moments. Maybe not the time your cowboy dad holds you upside down in a dirty stable stall and dips your head in manure in front of your crush...but other stuff.

That same crazy cowboy dad has a nickname for me. It came around about a time when I was feeling low, I was probably about 13 or so, and he called me "Driplet". What is a driplet? Well, he'd tell you:

A driplet is a droplet
A Droplet is water
Water is nature
And nature is

Whenever I'm feeling insecure, and yeah even we supermom's get the blues, I just remember those words :)

Love you, Pops.
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