Buy A Shirt, Help Japan!

I posted a while back about Writer's For The Red Cross where you could donate $25 to the Red Cross and pick out a book, or bid on fabulous writing/book related prizes. Now I want to share these awesome t-shirts!

A high-school friend of mine (who is a nurse and a fabulous model and you should check her out) just showed me the t-shirts her fiance Raj Belani (photographer, graphic designer) designed. All donations go directly to The Red Cross.

About the design:

The red circle obviously represents Japan's flag.  The gridded nation is supposed to represent the "building block" of Japan.  The crack represents just that, a minor crack.  Regardless of the magnitude of the earthquake, it's just a minor crack, and Japan being one of the strongest nations, will overcome it.  The flourishing flowers represent regrowth...and the person donating to receive one of these items represents hope for someone who was affected by these events.

Awesome, yes? For more info, visit Raj's blog.
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