Leave A Mark Book Auction!

It's for a good cause, and worth checking out, especially for aspiring writers. Get the insiders look on your favorite YA novels with "Marked up" copies straight from the author!

Auction #4 is IF I STAY by Gayle Forman. You might remember my review of this book, but if not you can see it here.

I'm going to copy and paste from the auction blog. Make sure you DO NOT BID HERE. Any discussion or bidding needs to be done on the "Leave a Mark" blog, not mine.

Thank you everyone for making this year's auctions such a success so far. Remember to spread the word and start your bidding for the next Leave a Mark auction: If I Stay by Gayle Forman. This is one amazing book that was a huge hit in the YA world. I for one can't wait to read more by Gayle as well as see the movie version of If I Stay, which is to be directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen, Twilight, and Lords of Dogtown)!!!

Facts and Rules

-We have a new book up for auction every week or two and you leave your bids in the comments.

-Leave a Mark is all about marked up books. That means you aren't just bidding for a book you could buy in stores or a signed book you could get from a regular signing. These books have notes/behind-the-scenes looks into their story written by the author in the margins or on post-it notes, etc. It's up to them to decide how they "mark it up."

-Once the auction has ended for a particular book, we contact the highest bidder and they will donate their money to First Book through this link here: http://www.firstbook.org/leaveamark

-The winner will then get a confirmation email from First Book, which you will forward to my email : lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

-Once we have that, your book will be sent out either by me, Chelsea, or the author (if they are holding on to their book)

-The next auction will always start up as soon as possible after one has ended and the bidding starts all over again!

-You CAN bid on more than one book and you CAN win more than one book. This all goes to a great charity so we aren't stingy on who and win someone can enter

-By the way, since this IS charity, you can enter from wherever but the bids will be in American dollars so it's easiest for us to understand

-If you ever have questions, please email me: Lauren51990 AT aol DOT com or check out our sites:
http://www.shootingstarsmag.blogspot.com/ (this is me, Lauren)

http://www.thepageflipper.blogspot.com/ (this is Chelsea, my partner in crime of Leave a Mark)

Now, it's time to start bidding, so here are those rules...

1. The first bid must always start at $10 at least, but you can go higher for the first bid.

2. Each subsequent bid must go up in $1 dollar increments. Ex. $10, $11, $15...whatever!

3. This particular auction will end on Sunday, November 15 at 11:59 P.M. EST

4. More info on the book: http://www.gayleforman.com/

5. As an extra incentive, I am offering bonus points for my giveaways. Each time you bid (even if you don't win and even if you keep bidding on the same book) you will be given 5 extra bonus points into a giveaway of your choice on my site:http://www.shootingstarsmag.blogspot.com/

ex: if you bid two times on one auction, you get 10 points to do whatever you wish. Keep them for a future giveaway or add them all to one or split them up into many!

Remember, get in touch if you have questions and please spread the word about this. Link to the site. Make a blog post. Whatever! We want people to find some awesome marked up books and hopefully raise a lot of money for First Book. These auctions will all end at the end of December so keep a look out for who is coming up!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Thank you so much for posting about this AND bidding of course. We really appreciate it.


L.J. Boldyrev said...

My pleasure, Lauren! I only wish I had known about it sooner. I found out through Gayle Forman's blog.

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