Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins?!?!

I will forever be in love with Barnabas Collis if he is played by Johnny Depp. This is such awesome news I have to share it with you(although nothing is certain yet). I watched this cheesy vampire soap opera nearly everyday after school when I was younger and now to hear that my favorite actor is going to relive it *sigh* Even if you've never heard of Dark Shadows (and you really didn't miss much) any Depp or Vampire fan is going to love this.

Depp as Vamp? Tim Burton Probes Dark Shadows

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Barnabas250Leave it to director Tim Burton to put the creepiest possible spin on cheeseball mid-century soap opera Dark Shadows.

The daytime drama, which hypnotized TV viewers between 1966 and 1971 with story lines peopled by zombies, vampires and warlocks, is being adapted for the big screen by frequent Burton collaborator John August (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish).

August is bouncing back and forth between Shadows and Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam. According to’sinterview with Get Smart director Peter Segal, who is set to helmShazam, August is writing Dark Shadows for Burton.

So, will Johnny Depp play alpha vampire Barnabas Collins? No word yet. But he previously investigated Headless Horseman decapitations in Burton’s Sleepy Hollow and cut throats with relish in their most recent collaboration, Sweeney Todd, so we’re thinking Depp should be able to sink his teeth into Dark Shadows, no problem.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! I love Johnny Dept!

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