Just got home from the beach

And it was freezing...but moderately inspirational.  My MC has a thing for the sea and spends a significant amount of time along the water on her journey to self discovery :)  And considering the book takes place in winter, the cold air was good today.  

I went out there with a friend of mine and her two children.  Both of them are close in age to my  youngest child  so it works out well.  Not too much fighting.  And it's nice to have another mommy friend to hang with.  She is  working on a  couple of sketches of my characters for me.  When she finishes, and I've told her not to rush, I will post the images online with a link to her profile, or maybe her email.  If she allows me that is.  Or maybe I will keep her for myself! Mwahahahahhaa!

Alrighty, time to get moving.  House doesn't clean its self...unfortunately.  So many times I wish I could just wiggle my nose, blink and BAM the dishes are done and the laundry is put away. *sigh* If only the world worked like the books I read/write.
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